Uncharted : Sony is the replacement for Shawn Levy to the achievement

While director Shawn Levy has just been landed at the end of December for the adaptation of the license of the video game “Uncharted” the movie, Sony has already found his replacement. It will be Dan Trachtenberg, director of “10 Cloverfield Lane”. CESG / Naughty Dog once is not custom : this will not be necessary to wait months, or even years, before that Sony is working to reactivate the film Uncharted, fairly plunged for a moment into the abyss of development hell… at the End of December, we learned of the departure of the director Shawn Levy, who had been bombarded with orders from the adaptation of the video game of the license of the studio Naughty Dog since 2016. And it was the 4th director to pack up since 2010… Variety reports that his replacement is already found : it will be Dan Trachtenberg, to whom we owe the film 10 Cloverfield Lane. For the anecdote, moreover, Trachtenberg was known by signing at the time, a wonderful short film based on the video game Portal, developed by the studio Valve. A stroke of brilliance that had earned him being hired in 2011 by Universal. If the film Uncharted is always intended as a Prequel to returning (in part ?) on the youth of the treasure hunter Nathan Drake, by contrast, it appears that the last script Joe Carnahan goes out the window. With the new script to come, it will therefore be the 6th version… Yes, that is a lot.

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